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Registration Opens Soon!

Fall/Winter 2024 is up next! Registration will open late July/Early August

Club Teams are for players grades 3-12 (U9-U18) who are serious about competing and improving their game and basketball IQ. Club teams will focus on individual player development and advanced offensive and defensive team concepts. 

Players must try-out for club teams. We are only able to take the top 10-12 players per age group. Visit out leagues + programs page for development options where players do not have to try-out. If players do not make a team we will do our best to find the a spot in our development leagues + programs.


Elementary teams (U9/10-U13) Fall/Winter Season runs September to February with 2-3 practices/week and tournaments on select weekends.


High-school teams (U14-U18) Fall season runs September to November with 3 practices/week and tournaments on the weekends. Season ends before high-school season.

Spring seasons for all teams run April to June/July.


All new/returning club team members can purchase gear off their choice including jersey, hoodie, t-shirt, back-pack, socks.

Players must register and attend try-outs and if selected they will be placed on a team. 

Important Try-Out Info:

  • Team practice schedules will be posted towards the time of try-outs and sent out to all attending try-outs.

  • Team Fees will be sent out to all attending try-outs.

  • Players are expected to make both try-outs if there is 2 for their age group. If you cannot make one or both try-out sessions, email us to work out a solution at 

Fall/Winter 2024/25 Try-Out Schedule - Full Schedule will be posted soon!

Try-outs will be held in early September

U9/10 (Gr. 3/4) Boys - TBD

U11 (Gr. 5) Boys - TBD

U12 (Gr. 6) Boys - TBD

U11 (Gr. 5) Girls - TBD

U12/13 (Gr. 6/7) Girls - TBD

U13 (Gr. 7) Boys - TBD

U14 (Gr. 8) Boys - TBD

U14/15 (Gr. 8/9) Girls - TBD

U15 (Gr. 9) Boys - TBD

U16 (Gr. 10) Boys - TBD

U17/18  (Gr. 11/12) Boys - TBD

Registration Opens Soon!
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